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Ted Farnsworth - ZASH Founder


Ted is a financier, entrepreneur and consummate disrupter. As Chairman of MoviePass, he stood the entertainment industry on its ear as the creator of a groundbreaking theater subscription model now imitated by many. He is known in the trades as the innovator who changed the movie industry forever. As a movie-maker, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in show business, most recently including Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis. His feature-length film executive producer credits include Axis Sally, 10 Minutes Gone, Escape Plan: The Extractors, The Row, Gotti, Border, A Vigilante, Monsters and Men, American Animals. Additionally, Ted is an expert at direct response marketing.

An expert in strategic development, marketing, public relations, and consumer behavior, Farnsworth has utilized these skills to build many successful companies throughout his 35-year career. His expertise has been sought for many speaking engagements, feature articles in several publications, and numerous TV and radio interviews including Forbes, Fortune, Fox News, CNN, The New York Post, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.


Senior Executive with over 30 years of international business leadership in entertainment, retail/e commerce, consumer products, health and wellness, B2B B2C technologies, social media, and licensing. Turnaround Specialist for both Public and Private companies with expertise in strategy, business acceleration, fundraising and executive management. From early stage and start up, to $300+ million enterprises.

Vincent created one of the largest marketing companies (ADC) in the US (3rd largest in the world) Some of the more notable products Vincent was instrumental in bringing to market are the “Pump Sneaker” for Reebok, Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, Starbury by Stephon Marbury, and the overall creation and global roll out of beauty retailer “Sephora” which included the creation of 30 new brands for the chain.

After selling his company in 2000 Vincent was focused on turnaround and business acceleration on behalf of VC’s, Private equity, high net worth, and institutional investors. Some of those companies included SuperStock (Vice Chairman), a digital stock photography distribution company, Dashing Diva a spa franchise (President), SAAS/Mobile technology company EMT (CEO), Solaris Entertainment (President), and most recently Carnegie Technologies (President and COO) where on behalf of a large Private equity fund he managed operations for 8 B2B tech platforms (from Fintech and SAAS platforms to IOT and Satellite communications) and breakthrough B2C social media platform “Triller” which Vincent led the recent sale to Proxima Media. Vincent currently serves on the board of Triller.

In the entertainment business Vincent has both studio and independent film experience. As President of Solaris Entertainment the company produced “Tumbleweeds” (winner of Sundance Film Festival and two Golden Globe awards, and one Oscar nomination) 2005 Miracle about the 1980 US Olympic team with Disney, 2007 Pride and Glory with Colin Farrell, Jon Voight and Ed Norton and in 2010 Warrior” which featured Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte, “Warrior” had a best supporting actor and Oscar nomination for Nick Nolte, and as President of “Rogue Wave” entertainment which has a focus on faith oriented films such as ”Soul Surfer”, and “Hacksaw Ridge”.

JAESON MA, Co-Founder

Jaeson is a media executive, artist, investor and entrepreneur. He is a principal investor of popular social music video app Triller, co-founded premium production studio Stampede Ventures, digital music label 88rising, and east-west brand strategy & investment firm East West Ventures. He is a Senior Advisor to Tencent Music Entertainment & KKBox fund KKFarm and a Network Partner for consumer tech fund GoodWater Capital. He is also a senior advisor to private equity funds advised by Courage Capital Management, LLC that invests in catalogs of music rights. Jaeson is considered one of the leading financiers to companies, institutions, and individuals investing in Asian media, entertainment, & tech. His investments include Triller, (TikTok), Grab,, Brain, CAA Creative Labs, OpenNest, Oursong, Proxima Media, Kind Heaven, NanoTech Energy, XiaoPeng & MAUM.

LISA KING, Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and C-suite marketing and branding executive, Lisa has spent her career building teams from the ground up and developing people. She has a proven track record of helping businesses grow including retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods, Galyan’s Sports & Outdoor Adventure, and Raymour & Flanigan Furniture. Lisa launched and led the in-house marketing team during her decade at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and the company grew from a small regional retailer to a national powerhouse. At Galyan’s Sports & Outdoor Adventure, Lisa was on the executive leadership team that took the company public and during that time, more than doubled the company’s footprint across the nation. Lisa created a disruptive marketing and branding strategy for Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and sales quadrupled during her tenure. As a managing partner in a CPG consulting firm, Lisa launched a global sales platform for a Fortune 500 CPG client that transformed the sales process. She also served as President of Daneli Partners, a leading executive development firm, and is the Founder of Magnifi U, a learning experience platform for personal and professional development.

Lisa is an author of the book, “Just Do You; Authenticity, Leadership & Your Personal Brand”, which was endorsed by iconic business leaders Bill Colombo [former President & COO of Dick’s], Kathy Ireland [chair & CEO of kathy ireland Worldwide] and Laura Guggenheim [VP of National Sales at Procter & Gamble]. Also a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, Lisa’s knowledge of business, professional branding, strengths and leadership development has helped businesses grow and leaders perform at their best.

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