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Think it. Create it. Monetize it.

The ZASH Influencer Network

over 350 million!

175 million

Facebook Followers

126 million

Instagram Followers

41.8 million

Twitter Followers

7.75 million

TikTok Followers

With Impressive Engagement


Videos Watched Monthly


Active Fans


Unique Visitors Annually

*numbers are reflective of current performance of the Zash Media Partners, LLC.

We know that success isn’t found,

it’s built.

Content + Traffic + Conversion = Success

Our content generation capabilities will assist brands and products in creating engaging, revenue-generating content quickly allowing the brands to stay current with their followers with minimal time required.

The more engaging the content, the better the traffic. Through the use of targeted content generation, we create traffic pipelines that we can “aim” to our brands and targets.

Utilizing both our internal brands as well as strategic partners, we are able to monetize our traffic to generate immediate returns from both product and advertising partners.

Digital Media Monetization


 …that sends them to a site, where there is MORE branded ad content… driving revenue!

Content is king.

Through the creation of original and unique content, we are able to increase both top and bottom-line revenue on our Platform. We will continue to create new content leveraging pop culture and celebrity influencers.

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